How can health surveys impact your morale

I bet you are used to see on website, or hear at radio that 50% people in your country are overweight, or 30% , or a very high amount. How this thing can impact your morale ?

We know that the morale is probalby the most important thing when you want to maintain or lose weight. Let’s face it, the morale is responsable for you getting at this weight.

How is that ? Simple: you like to eat when you are angry. When you feel miserable you go to mcdonalds and get some french fries and then you are happy again, or at least content. It works, eating will help you when you’re upset.

The truth is that the effect is short term, tommorow you will feel bad again, and again. You must resolve the real problem. Ask yourself why are you not happy, what you would make you happy ? A meal ? Wrong! The problem that you are not happy don’t come from your stomach, try do to something different, fix problems and you won’t feel the need to eat to be happy.

How can health survey impact your morale ? When you hear that 50% of population is obese you will think: “ah, it’s not me, it is the air who get us fat”. Well, you morale is low, and you will think that anything you can do can’t help you. The problem with winners and loosers is about the morale.

A big enemy of morale is stress. While you are stressed your morale is always down so if you want to improve your morale you need to organise yourself and get rid of stress. A simple method to ignore the stress is to use stress balls.

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