7 tips to eliminate the hunger when you want to lose weight

To lose weight is imperative that you eat less. If you eat less, and before you were used to eat a lot you will have problems with the hunger. This is the reasons that most diet fails.

If you stomach is used with a lot of food with a lot of sugar, he will be unhappy when you suddenly stop giving him the same.

But you don’t have what to do, it is a pain that you must endure to reach your goals. You will never lose weight if you eat same things as before.

  1. Eat more vegetables

    You were used to eat meal until you are full. That means that you ended up eating 500 grams of fat meat that have more than 1000 calories. That’s a problem, you will never lose weight if you keep doing that. You have to eat less meat. Reduce the amount of meat and replace the other with vegetables and eat until you are full.

What vegetables you can eat ? All of them, but not fried ones. Try to eat vegetables in their natural state: Tomatoes, cabbage, mushrooms. Make yourself a salad.

Chinese noodles with vegetables close up shoot

  1. Don’t drink water during meal
    The statistics are telling us that if you drink water or other liquids during the meal the hunger will come to you faster. A good habit is to drink a glass of water before the meal, in this way your stomach will be full during the meal and you will eat less.

Splashing ice cubes in the glass full of water

  1. Use weight loss bars to escape from the lust of sugars
    Protein or weight loss bars have a taste similar to chocolate, they are sweet even they don’t have sugar. You can escape from the lust of sweets with those.
  2. When you want to eat, just do something else
    I bet you heard many times that smokers are losing weight. It is not true, but sometime smoking can help. When they want to eat they just smoke a cigar. You can take something in place of cigars, try menthol candies or bubble gum.
  3. Drink juice or soda without sugar

If you are used to drink juice or soda, you will be more hunger if you won’t do it anymore. The good news is that you can drink no-sugar soda. It is not something healthy, but it is a good replacement until you get used with hunger. You can stop drinking when your hunger symptoms get better.

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  1. Avoid oil and fried stuff.
    If you put oil into your food your meal will have more calories than usual. Trying to keep the calories low will make you to eat less. Eating less will cause you a lot of pain. If you avoid oil you can eat more, and the hunger will come later.

French Fries

  1. Eat more short meals
    I know you are used with 3 meals a day,but eating less and often is a good habit. I know it is hard to eat less but once you get used it will be very easy. In this way the hunger will not appear until the next meal.

It is hard to stop eating before you are full, but you have to get used with that. Think what you want to eat and when your are done just stop.

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