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Body mass index ( BMI ) is an indicator which compares a person’s weight and height. The higher the BMI is, the higher is the weight and the lower is the height. The normal Body mass index is between 19 and 25. Below 19, we can consider a person underweight, and over 25 we can consider overweight or obese. If you want to know how many calories you should eat to lose weight use a calorie calculator.

This handy tool offers you the possibility to calculate bmi index quickly and without having to do maths. Just enter your weight and height and get the result.

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BMI stands for body mass index which should reflect the amount of mass you have related to height. It is a basic indication if a person is slim or not.

BMI can only tell what is the mass related to height, it can’t tell too much about the health, but it can give us a warning when something is out of range. A good BMI can’t tell us that we are healthy, but a bad BMI can tell us that we are not.

Body mass index should tell us wither we are obese, underweight or overweight, it is not always true, since someone can have a lot of weight but all of it to be muscles, not fat. We all know that fat is dangerous, in fact, obesity is dangerous. Researchers tell us every day about problems that may appear because obesity. I don’t want to scary people, but we have to know what we are dealing with.