Keep yourself healthy with fitness and weight lifting

Some people will associate weight lifting with something unhealthy, and only the aerobic and running with something good, but let me tell that weight lifting is probably the most benefic thing for your health.

Why is weight lifting benefic ? Ii improves the methabolism, it helps your heart to be stronger, decrease the risk of diabet, prevent weight gaining and makes your body to look much better even if you have a lot of fat on you.

The weight lifting takes a lot of energy. When se say energy we say calories, when we say calories we say fat. If you want to lose fat or prevent gaining you must workout with weights. You will certain lose enough calories to not gain more fat. And this is only one of the benefits of weight lifting.

The methabolism is raised if you workout few days a week. Muscles are the ones who burn calories. Everything you do, even if it is walk, or run or doing house work you will lose more calories if you have more muscles. You can’t control how many calories to burn but you can control how much muscle you have.

Can’t believe this ? The muscles are the only one who burn calories. Maybe you heard that you burn calories even if you do nothing. It is true, you burn calories because your body needs 37 degrees celsius to live, and calories are transformed in heat. Have you ever wondered how ? The muscles ! The muscles are slightly working so they will burn the amount of energy to keep the body warm.

What happens when you go out naked at 5 degrees celsius ? You are shaking ! How ? Your body told your muscles that you need so much energy that they started shaking to produce such a big amount. Then you see that shaking is not enough to produce all the heat you need and you will start to run to make them to procude more heat.

The more muscles you have the more fat your burn!

Another good aspect about muscles and weight losing is another thing that you might not know. A mit that is very false is that you do exercise for a specific muscle, you will lose fat in that place. False. The fat is lost proportional from your body. But it is another important aspect here. When you put fat on you. Even if you are on diet and do sport, there will be moments when fat will be deposited, mostly during the night. The truth is that the fat is deposited on the parts of your body where you have more muscles. The more muscles you have on a part of your body the more fat will be deposited there.

Think about it, if you have muscles on arms, the fat deposited there, near the muscles will make you look that you have even more muscles. The fat will not be noticed.

Probably you are the most angry about the fat on your belly. To most people the fat is deposited on the belly because the abdomen is used in most non-sport activities. If you have e sedentary life you will use mostly the abdomen muscles, not others, this is why some people has so much belly fat, because they don’t train their muscles. Maybe they don’t have as much as it looks, but it is ugly.

Train the muscles where you want the fat to be deposited in the future

The weight lifting can also help your heart. How do you think that the heart pump the blood ? Yes, it has a muscle too. The heart muscle which is contracted every time the heart is pumping blood in your body.

How can weight lifting help that muscle ? When you are lifting weight your heart beat will go up, at the highest level. Doing this many times, every day that muscle will get stronger and stronger. Being stronger will prevent your heart to stop beating. You won’t have problems with the blood circulation and the risk of heart attack will be reduced.

There are just some good aspects of weight lifting. If you combine weight lifting with jogging or some aerobic exercices it will be much better.

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