Can cigars help you to lose weight ?

his is probably the most popular myth floating in the air. Even if it lost popularity in the past years this questions go at least one time in out minds: can cigars lose weight ?”

On theory there is nothing in the cigars that help to lose weight, or retain less water, or anything else that has something to do with losing weight. Then, why this myth exists ? Indeed, any myth have to be based on something, on experiments, feelings, history.

Have people noticed a loss in weight during the times they smoked cigars ? Probably yes, this is why the myth was created in the first place.

The truth is coming for a bad habit of people who usually gain weight. What we do in breaks, sometimes when we get bored, when we watch TV ? We take something to eat: peanuts, seeds, fruits, ice cream. They all have a high amount of calories. Which is the difference between smokers and non-smokers ? When they take a break, they watch tv or they get bored they smoke, we eat.

This is how we can explain the fact that a lot of people experienced loss in weight during the period they smoked.

But wait, don’t go and buy cigars, there are alternatives. If you like to eat when you watch tv, or when you take a break try some chewing gum or some non-sugar candies instead of cigars. There are so many things you can do that can replace both snacks and cigars. Think about it, experiment and find what you like the most and stop eating in front of TV, in breaks, in the car or when you are bored.

Like to drink juice or soda ? Try mineral water instead, you will see the difference.

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