The morale is probably the most important thing in a diet

Well, how many times you started to lose weight ? How many times you kept your program more than 2 weeks ? There are different situations when morale kick you down.

Maybe the plan was not right from the start, you wanted to do something that it was very hard to keep, then you had some personal problems and everything ruined. How can you work on this ? how ca you do not let the morale to make you hungry.

Probably one of the reasons we are hungry when we are nervous is the fact that we always used to do this. If we want to change, we have to start from the roots, to change this behaviour.

No matter how hard you try, if you don’t resolve your problems where they started and try to find something else to do while they resolve from themselves, you will not succeed.

The solution of your work problems are not in food. If you fight with a colleague do not go and eat to forget. Try to control this behaviour and then you can keep your weight loss plan for more than a week.

After you fix this you will be able to keep your weight too, because you don’t need anymore to eat when something bad happens to you. When you’re done, make sure you start a good weight loss plan, you can try this weight loss plans .

I bet you head hundred of times that people who smoke are thinner. Well, when they are angry, or they are upset, they go and smoke, and they feel better. Don’t understand me wrong, i don’t tell you to smoke to loose weight, it is not a good habit. But you can find something to do when you are angry that does not includes food. Think about it.

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