How to fight the beast ( your stomach )

You put up in your mind that you definitely have to start losing some weight. You decide that you will eat less, you won’t eat between meals, you go out to run, don’t eat candies anymore, no bread.

Very well, your plan is set up and all you want to do is to start. And you do.

How many times did this happened to you ? How many times you started a diet and you renounced very next day, or in some cases in the same day ?

What that happened, what was the reason that you failed  ? I tell you: the beast. Your stomach.

The fact is that you your stomach is used with huge meals. Between meals you usually give him some fruits, some chocolate. You go out nights and you eat a big pizza even if you already ate you dinner.  How long ar you doing this ?  5 years, 10 years? 20 years ?

Think about it: Someone comes to you and say that you have to move in a house without bathroom, with the WC outside the house, without hot water, without heating. You will be very annoyed, you never heard that these kind of houses exist, and you don’t want to believe it. When you start realizing that this will really happen, you will get crazy, you will try to fight with all people that come to you. You start looking for justice and revenge, hitting in persons who are just messengers, etc.

Your stomach reacts in the very same way. You stomach don’t know how it is to eat less, he never did. He is annoyed and he will start to send to your brain bad signals, and you will sometimes feel that it hurts.

This is the key point, if you manage do resist it for few days you can keep the diet ( if it is logical ) as long as you want. During that time you will suffer. That is why 99% of people fail at diets.

Maybe you already tried many diets before and you failed. But you don’t have to give up, try again, with a better plan, start doing something that will keep your brain busy so you won’t think that your stomach is empty.

When those days are away, the stomach gets used and will stop begging you for food. And you’re done, you can keep it as long as your program permits.

If you want to increase your success rate you should make your plan with your brain so stop listening diet advices from your friends and start read on your own. That information will save you many bad days.

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