Food that will help you to lose weight

Well, there are not magic herbs or something like that. Read along and you will find out what foods can help you to lose weight. There are not magic tricks, it is just food that has low claories.

The problems that we all get fat is because our stomach wants more and more food. When we eat more the stomach gets larger and it will ask for more food, if we give them we are trapped, it will get bigger and bigger and it is hard to stop.

If you want to lose fat but your stomach keeps asking for more food there is one solution: eat food with low calories. Well, sometimes the expression: “You eat too much, that is why you are fat” is not true. If you eat 1kg of cabbage is like eating 100g of bread.

The secret is in vegetables, eat more vegetables, moderate meat, and avoid fat, sweets and breads.

During the time i heard many times that fruits are awesome, but i disagree. Despite the fruits don’t have too many calories, just twice as most vegetables, they are mainly carbohydrates and fruits spend very short time in your stomach. 20 minutes after you eat an apple you will be really starved. At first sight you will think that this is bullshit, you can’t get more hungry that you were before eating an Apple, but it has a logical explanation: carbohydrates are not processed in stomach, they are in intestines.

The vegetables are in opposite corner, they stay a long time into your stomach, they are harder to digest. They have low calories and they will prevent your stomach to ask for food again and again.

So, if you follow some simple rules: eat vegetables at any meal and avoid fruits.

Practically, how can you eat vegetables ? The best way is to make a salad at any meal, you eat your 150g meat with vegetables salad: tomatoes, cabbage or whatever you like. You can also order some food made from vegetables, it is just up to you what you choose. Just remember: You are not fat because you was born fat, or you are genetically programmed to be fat, You are fat as a result of actions you take every day, at every meal.

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