Why to wait for new year to start losing weight ?

20 days passed from new year, and we already know that the new year is the resolutions moment. Most people set their goals to lose some weight starting along with the new year. Everything is fine so far, a good way to motivate, but i bet 98% of people who make a weight loss resolution at new years will fail. Why ? Because it is a fact that they lack motivation. They will be focused few days after the new year, and also they think that their motivation are burning up fat without having to do any effort.

I talk about this because this is the moment when they all realise that they should give up on that goal.

When starting at a road, you have to make a strategy, not only the goal. The goal without a strategy or a plan to achieve it is null.

Make up your plan, your strategy, and start NOW, start changing your life now! You will feel better and very MOTIVATED every day if you will have in mind that your new life started. What is a new year ? Few days of feeling better than when you go back to work everything will go down. But how about your LIFE, your new life. This new life happens every day, and every day you have that in mind you will be motivated and focused because you don’t want to lose your new life. Can you lose a new year ? I don’t think so.

Now get and have fun, and please report me your progress.

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