Avoid weight loss pills and other magic tricks

You want to start to lose weight and you see all those ads saying that you can lose 50 pounds in 1 month, or 10 pounds a week just by taking those pills and eating as much as you can, or books that can teach you to lose 30 pounds in a month with super magic formula that is not know by anyone and you are the first one that find out the secret.

Well, i can tell you that 100% those things won’t work. Many of them have hidden catches, “this works only if you run 3 hours/day”, “this works only if you eat less than 1000 calories/day”, but no one looks at that facts. And the magic weight loss pills are not so magic right now, isn’t it ?

Some of the pills will really do something, they are pills that change your metabolism, or change the way that your body acts, and these changes are not good, you can have problems all your life. Think about it, if that pills have worked like magic why so many people are still obese ? Well, in most cases those pills have only slights effect that will lead you to think that they are not good at all, but they can still make some damages in your body.

If you have real problems with weight, for example you are over 500 pounds, weight loss pills can be a good solution, but don’t expect too much from them. The fact that you think that those pills will work for you will make you lazy and wait everything to come from the pills not from you.

If you still want to make something big, go to your doctor and ask for his recommendations. He will give you some vitamins to make you not fail because you will eat less, it will give you some protein bars that will help you replace a 500 calories meal with a 150 calories protein bar.

But, the real thing is when you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and to run more. You can’t do anything without those 2, except a surgery. Go and consult a nutritionist, and he will tell you some good advices on what to eat or what sport to do in order to comply with your current eat and sport lifestyle, your work system and your friends. There is no magic pill or magic book that will work for everyone.

If you are auto-didact, you can start reading about foods, calories, sport, weight loss, etc, and build a strategy to change your lifestyle easy, into something that you can keep for years.

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